Legend Paddles Range

Legend Paddles offers a full and robust range of paddles to meet all your on water requirements. Below is a snapshot of the paddles that we build with a small amount of information about each one. If you are unsure about your requirements, don't hesitate to contact Legend Paddles for advice.


The Wildwater is a great first paddle for those new to the sport of kayaking. This style of parallel blade provides a very predictable feel for the novice paddler. It is well balanced and provides a reassuring purchase. It has less lay-back than the Marathon giving it an instant bite in the water.

The Wildwater is great in big messy "Wildwater" and provides good stability in rough conditions. Aside from multisport it is used with success by surf ski paddlers both in New Zealand and Australia. It's easy to get use too but hard to get rid of! The Wildwater is a long-time favourite with many experienced racers.

Small Fusion

A small teardrop style blade that is very well suited to long distance paddling. This was the blade of choice for multisport legend Steve Gurney through out his long reign as Speight's Coast to Coast champion.

The Small Fusion thrives in windy conditions, high river flows, long expedition paddles or racing. While other paddle manufactures have tried to copy this blade none have come close to replicating the true attributes that make this paddle fantastic. This is the lightest paddle available in today's market. It will not disappoint!

Medium Fusion.jpeg

Medium Fusion

The Medium Fusion is a powerful medium size teardrop style paddle. The blade is ideally suited to flat water but is used by many ski paddlers around the country and in Australia. The crisp entry, early smooth power phase and clean exit make this paddle perfect for all styles of flat water racing.

The Medium Fusion is very popular for K1 and K2 paddling. It is a great blade for sprint and can be used by the stronger paddler for marathon distance.


The Hydra is named after the Greek Sea Monster that battled Hercules. Why? Because it maybe small but once in moving water, it becomes very powerful. This is the weapon of choice for down river racing, and is fast becoming the new style of paddle that seasoned multisport kayakers are turning to.

The Hydra's innovative design allows the perfect feel and purchase in messy water. A vertical styled stroke can be easily adjusted into a low angle supportive stroke when required. This paddle encourages good technique and comes into it's own on moving water. It really is a down river racing weapon!



Our largest teardrop style paddle is the Fluid. It is derived from the European teardrop design. It has a medium amount of twist through the blade's length that provides a smooth power phase throughout its entire stroke.


The Fluid is the top choice of paddle for the strong aggressive kayaker. It is a favourite for long distance ski and K1 Marathon disciplines. Fluid paddlers love its instant catch and reliable purchase.

If it's busting out a competitive time in the "Classic River Race" or the fastest kayak split for the “Speight's Coast to Coast”, then look no further because this is the paddle that eats up seconds and turns them into minutes. This paddle suits moving water, flat water, rapids, waves and winning!


The C22 is a great all round paddle. It is very well suited to medium and long distance kayaking. The blade's lower volume makes it an excellent choice for those involved in endurance and expedition style paddling. The C22's lateral strength also makes this blade a good choice for surf life saving and ski paddling.

The design on the C22 required extra thickness through the blade's mid section. This increases lift and allows the paddlers cadence to be increased without extra effort. This thickness of this paddles makes the C22 one of the strongest wing paddles available. As a parallel shaped blade it sits along side the Marathon in appearance but has a smaller surface area. For those that find they like an early “catch phase “ with quick clean exit then this is the paddle worth trying.



The Marathon is a parallel edge blade manufactured for distance paddling. It's clever design provides a smooth application of power throughout the entire stroke. Paddlers can gain power, speed and stability easily through rapids and messy water. The Marathon requires less technical skill, which makes it a perfect choice for fatigued athletes such as those competing in the ‘Longest Day’.

The Marathon is also well suited for sea kayaking, expedition paddling and adventure racing. The blade is longer and narrower than others, this allows a vertical stroke when required but also a low "more relaxed" stroke which is preferred by many sea kayakers in surf and rough sea conditions.


A more powerful version of the Wildwater the Champion is 8% longer with a larger lip on the leading edge. The Champion suits those who like a fast catch phase and quick exit. This shape blade is very stable in all conditions and has been very well proven over the last decade by those who base their style on aggressive and attacking paddling.

The Champion is a medium plus blade and suits the moving water and surf paddlers, but can be used for surf sprints and marathon as well.



The Tajima has a large smooth power face that makes it an easy to use sprint blade. This blade style is well balanced and very stable in all conditions. Its instant grab helps you to get of the line as fast as you can. It is just like our Champion blade only bigger, making it a first choice for powerful paddlers looking for the winning edge.

Sea Legend

The best expedition paddle we could make, with a full 300 grams per blade of carbon double bias and now with increased unilateral carbon reinforcing. This is a top end high performance energy saving blade. It is for true sea kayaking expeditions or the perfectionist.

This paddle gives the paddler the reliability they need and the stiffness they deserve to paddle further, safer and faster, and more effectively than ever before.



The newest paddle in the Legend range. Based on high performance paddles from Europe with a large touch of kiwi flare. The medium sized blade makes you feel instantly comfortable on the lake, in the sea or on a river. Its like sitting at your favorite cafe having a flat white. 

The Magma is a high twist shape meaning after a couple hours in the water you can still lift your arms above your head, without any loss of power in the stroke. Built with traditional Legend toughness and strength, its a winner.

Mini Magma

The little brother (or sister, we arent 100% sure) of the Magma. Because the Magma was created using modern technology (CAD and CNC Machining) we have been able to shrink the total size of the Magma by 4% to make this beast!

Current pickings have this becoming the next big thing at the Coast to Coast...watch this space.


Paddling a SUP and SUP-ing has become a favorite summer past time in NZ and around the world, so we have used our kayaking skillset to create a SUP paddle. Notoriously strong this full carbon paddle will have you SUP-ing at new speeds with the best of them.


Back in the day Slalom kayaking was my introduction to kayaking and it provided me with an amazing skill set that I am forever grateful for. The Sargent comes as a development with one of NZs best slalom kayakers, Finn Butcher. Finn used his knowledge of sport design as well as years of top international slalom experience to come up with a shape for his new paddle. Using Legend construction methodology and the best materials available we now have the Sargent.


Aptly named after the guru of Slalom in the South Island, Sarge Hoffmann. This is the most fitting dedication we could think of. Sarge embodies what it means to be a kayaker and we are proud to name this paddle in his honor.